Relationship 2.1.3

Customer relationship management made easy


  • Makes organizing contacts easier
  • Add multimedia and documents to contacts
  • Schedule alarms for events


  • Internal browser not much use
  • Lack of e-mailing options


If you're looking for a powerful contact and project management tool, Relationship may be just your thing.

Relationship is all about managing contacts so that you enhance your networking, keep in touch with valuable contacts and generally keep your name and face known. Relationship is suitable for managing clients, colleagues, and business partners and supports photos of contacts with names, phone numbers and email addresses.

Most importantly, Relationship allows you to link different contacts to the various projects and relationship you have with them. You can add relevant bookmarks, emails, sticky notes, and documents to jog your memory too. The application is also suitable for scheduling and remembering meetings and events with daily, weekly and monthly reminders. You can even add video and sound clips to your contacts and projects.

One feature of Relationship that's not so much use is the internal browser. It's designed to allow you to easily access links for contacts within your contact list but since links open externally in your default browser, its not exactly essential. The developers could do with adding more e-mailing and social networking options too to help keep in touch with contacts more easily.

Relationship is a powerful yet compact organizer that will help you track and keep tabs on your ever growing contacts list.

Email bug fixed. Interface improvements. Other minor improvements and bug fixes.


  • Email bug fixed. Interface improvements. Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Relationship is a very easy-to-use, and fun customer relationship management application for your home-based or small business. It has the following features:

  • Relationship features an amazing, flexible and attractive one-window user interface. This application is very easy-to-use.
  • Create Groups for contacts in your company, customers, friends, business partners, and others.
  • Smart Groups will make your contacts even more organized. Use any criterion to create a Smart Group.
  • Every single group can have an unlimited number of columns and subcolumns for information. Add or remove custom columns in seconds.
  • Add new contacts, people, or companies in an instant.
  • Manage events associated with each contact. You will know when your partner or customer is having a special event.
  • Write and send emails fast with Relationship. With a single click reach every email you've sent to contact.



Relationship 2.1.3

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